' Paints from Russia for Artist and Hobby
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Categories of Wares

1Artists Oil colors
3Gouache colors
4Acrylic colors
5Tempera colors
6Artistic Pastel
7Artistic Pigments
9Artist Brushes
10Decorative Brushes
11Canvas & Pad
13Paints for Silk and Textile
14Paints for Glass and Porcelain
15Paints for Leather
16Marbling Paints


1Nevskaya Palitra (Russia)
Artistic Paints Factory, Founded 1900, St.-Petersburg
2Gamma (Russia)
Founded 1899, Moscow
3Podolsk Art-Center (Russia)
4EMTI (Russia)
Experimantal Studio of Art-Terchnologies, Novosibirsk
5Albatros (Russia)
Founded 1989, Novosibirsk
6Marabu (Germany)
7Viva Decor GmbH (Germany)
8Other Companies (-)

Types of Wares

1Oil colors in Sets
2Transparent Oil colors
3Semi-Transp.Oil colors
4Opaque Oil paints
5Decorative Oil paints
6Water-Colors in Sets
7Water-Colors in Pans
8Decorative WaterColors
9Fluorescent Gouache
10Metallic Gouache
11Artists Gouache
12Gouache in Sets
13Acrylic in Sets
14Acrylic for Artists
15Decorative Acrylic
16Tempera in Sets
17Artistic Tempera
18Pastel in Sets
20Art Pigments
21Decorative Pigments
22Watercolor Pencils
24Set of Brushes
25Bristle Round Brush
26Bristle Flat Brush
27Bristle Filbert Brush
28Kolinsky Round Brush
29Kolinsky Filbert Brush
30Kolinsky Flat Brush
31Kolinsky Brush small
32Squirrel Brush
33Round Synthetic Brush
34Flat Synthetic Brush
35Other Synthetic Brush
36Fan Brush
37Square Wash Brush
38Stencil Brush
39Sponge Brush
40Sponge Roller
41Canvas & Panel
43Primer, Varnish, Texture
44Medium, Loading
46Paints for Silk
47Liners Silk-Textile
48Transparent Paints for Glass
49Opaque Paints for Porcelain
50Liners for Glass & Ceramics
51Universal Liners
52Marbling Paints
53Colors for Leather
54Plastic Stencils
55Cracking & Decoupage
56Wares under the Painting

1Master-Class oil paints
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Professional Oil colors of Master grade
2Studio oil paints
Artists Oil colors for amateurs, students and professionals
3Ladoga oil paints
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Oil Paints for Professional Artists and Students
4Sonnet oil paints
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Oil Paints for Professional Artists and Students
5Podolsk oil colors
(Podolsk Art-Center)
Oil Colors for Artists and Students
6WC White Nights
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Water-colors for professional Artists and Students
7Other Watercolors
(Other Companies)
Water-colors for professional Artists and Students
8Gouache Gamma
Goauche Colors for hobby and craft, Moscow
9Gouache Master-Class
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Gouache Colors for Artists, Hobby and Craft
10Master-Class Acrylic
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Professional Acrylic colors in Tubes
11Acrylic Studio
Acrylic Colors for Artists: Gamma-Moscow
12Acrylic Decola
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Decorative Acrylic Colors: Decola-Petersburg
13Acrylic Gamma
Decorative Acrylic Colors: Gamma-Moscow
14Tempera Master-Class
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Professional Tempera Paints of Master grade
15Sonnet Pastels
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Dry Soft and Oil Paints for Artists and Amateurs
16EMTI Pigments
Professional dry pigments (dust) for artistic colors
17Kolinsky Brushes Albatros
Brushes for all types of artists colors
18Kolinsky Brushes Gamma
Brushes for all types of artists colors
19Kolinsky Brushes Sonnet
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Kolinsky Sable Brushes for all types of artists colors
20Synthetic Brushes Gamma
Brushes for all types of artists colors and hobby
21Synthetic Brushes Sonnet
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Synthetic Brushes for acrylic and gouahe colors
22Bristle Brushes Gamma
Brushes for Oil or Acrylic colors
23Bristle Brushes Sonnet
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Bristle Brushes for oil and acrylic colors
24Brushes Nevskaya Palitra
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Brushes of different types and sizes for painting
25EMTI mediums etc.
Medium, Varnish, Primer and other art-wares
26Sonnet mediums etc.
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Medium, Varnish, Primer and other art-wares
27Gamma Canvas Panel
Canvas panel for Oil or Acrylic Painting
28Decola Silk-Batik
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Liquid Acrylic Paints and Contours for Silk and Batik
29Decola Textile
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Paints and Contour for Textile
30Decola Glass & Porcelain
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Liquid Paints for Glass, Ceramics
31Marabu glasART
Solvent-Based transparent Color for Stained Glass Window and Tile
32Marabu Porcelain
Water-Based semitransparent gloss color for Porcelain without firing.
33Decola Glass Liners
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Contour for Glass & Ceramics
34Decola Universal Contour
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Contour paste for hard surface
35Sonnet Stencil
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Plastic Stencils for art and hobby
36Marabu Easy Marble
For Marbling on Paper, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Polystyrene etc.
37Viva Decor Color for Leather
(Viva Decor GmbH)
Water-Based colors for Skin and Synthetics
38Nevskaya Palitra
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Paints and Accessories of different types and brands
39Sonnet Spatula
(Nevskaya Palitra)
Spatula by Sonnet, Nevskaya Palitra; -;
40Other TM
(Other Companies)
Stencils, Canvas Panel, Decoupage, Cracle, Varnish etc.

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