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2021-09-21; 19:23:22

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[Nevskaya Palitra]
Paints and Contour for Textile

DECOLA –°ontour colored paste for Textile and Silk.
To prevent mixing of paints for textile and for drawing small decorative elements.
Touch dry time aprox.3 hours.
Fixed by Iron during 5 minutes on the reverse side of textile with paper above.
Temperature of Iron should correspond for type of textile.
Wash the textile at least 48 hours after fixation.
Clean the nozzle of paste with pin and water.

DECOLA Gutta - Transparent Colourless Liner for Silk
To prevent liquid paint for Silk goes out of contours.
It will not fixed by Iron with silk paints.
It will washed-out.

Tube 18 ml.
DECOLA: St.Petersburg - Nevskaya Palitra, Russia