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2021-12-03; 01:09:14

Mint Liner for hard surfaces

[Liners for Glass by Tair]
Contour paste for glass and other hard surfaces, Tube 20ml (0.675 fl.oz)
Product TRC177 Contour paste by Tair for glass and other hard surfaces.
Acrylic artist relief paint for drawing contours or dots on the hard smooth surface
as glass, ceramics, smooth wood, plastic, metal and others.
Dray time 24 hours.
The composition:
Artistic pigment, acryl dispersion, extender, thickener, water.
Prevent from frost !
Tube 20 ml (0.675 fl.oz).

20 ml / 26 g  Tair
$2.49 x  

Liners for Glass by Tair