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Vandyke Brown 60    (401*ST, PBr7)

Vandyke Brown 60 Ladoga oil paints
Artist Oil Paints for professionals and students. St.Petersburg, Ladoga, Tube 60 ml (2 oz)

St.Petersburg LADOGA artistic paints are perfect for those who is only beginning to learn the art of painting,
as well as for artists looking for high quality paints at affordable prices.
There is the same manufacturer who produces the highly successful White Nights water-colors.

Instead of expensive inorganic pigments (cadmium and cobalt), the Ladoga paints series uses lightfast organic pigments.
The tone of analogous pigments (marked “A” on the label) corresponds precisely to the tones of original colours.
Dyes of “earthly” paints (ocher, cyan, and umbra) consist of natural pigments that provide intensity
and deepness of tone unavailable when using synthetic pigments.
Manufacturing technologies and monitoring at all stages is similar to those for the manufacture of Master Class series.
This ensures the high quality of Ladoga series artistic paints.

A = Analogous (Hue).

Tube 60 ml (2 fl.oz.)
St.Petersburg Nevskaya Palitra, Russia

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60 ml / 98 g

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Semi-Transp.Oil colors
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