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The Dead sea
Eremenko Vitaly
The Dead sea
Painting on Glass. Enamel on glass 15*10 cm.
Painting on Glass, ID: EV02

Painting on Glass

      Use special paints or colored enamels as FolkArt Enamel, Lefranc-Bourgeois Glass-Tile opaque paints, DecorFin porcelain opaque paints etc. These paints are gloss and water-based. Oven may be used for paint fixation via instructions on the bottles, but if you do not need to wash the result work with soap, dray work 3 -7 days without oven.

      Read and follow the paint's instructions.
Contours may be applicable if your design need it, but painting on glass may be free of contours.
If you need to use oven. contor paste should be heat-resistant for the same themperature, as paint.
Contour paste may be by other company than paints.

      Drawing for painting may be prepared on paper and palced under the glass or copyed on porcelain with transfer paper.

      Paint with soft brush or with nozzle on bottle with color. On case of error, wait touch dry time (as usual 15-30 minutes), than "draw" thin line by blade around bad place and remove it by knife. Half-dry color will be removed as peel.
Liquid colors may be mixed in cuvette before painting.

      If you need 2-nd layer of color (thin details above background painting etc.), wait full dray time (as usual 3 - 7 days). Than paint 2-nd layer.

Vitaly Eremenko.

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