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Night Fable of Gjel Pansies Flowers Magic of Excellence Doves Heart in Flowers Smile of Tiger Geisha (fragment) Geisha Look of  Snow Queen Vinok with Prognes Roses in Gjel style Bouquet with Butterfly Parrot macaw Bullfinch The familiar sparrow Catching of the firebird Bodyguards Nefertiti Convolvulus

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Flower Pattern 3 for Vitrag
Eremenko Vitaly
Flower Pattern 3 for Vitrag
Drawing for Contour on Stained Glass Window, Textile, Silk or Painting on othewr surface. PNG 540x1135px, 9Kb
Contours for Painting, ID: VTC03

Pattern for Contours on Stained Glass window, Textile or Paper

Use this pattern or parts of it for your own project for stained-glass window or other painting. Image contains Black contours in PNG or JPG format (2 bit PNG).

To make preliminary project, fill the area into contours by colors on your PC. Save image before as BMP as 24-bit RGB-colors (about 16 million colors). Fill the BMP-pattern with preliminary colors on your PC to establish preferable color scheme. If some color fills neighbor regions, make undo for filling and edit contour by black pen or brush.

Note that JPG format does not allow you to fill area inside contour. We use PNG format only to reduce file size on our site and for fast downloading, but not for modelling colors scheme.

Insert number for each color into region on the pattern for your project. You can resize the pattern in some graphycal editor (MS Windows Paint, PhotoShop, GIMP, KolorPaint under Linux etc.).
Divide big image into some pages with format A4 etc. Print all pages, connect with glue into original pattern, and than use on glass, plexiglass, textile, watercolor paper, cardboard etc.

A lot of samples for ornamental patterns based on photo of herbs see here:
Brus Robertson. Intensive Drawing Course. Herbs.
(Russian edition), Popurry, Minsk, 2000 - 64p., il.

      You can prepare drawing for your future painting on base of your photo.
Use graphical program as Photoshop or Gimp (Gimp is analogue of Photoshop for Windows or Linux, free for use).
Load your photo in the program and use Gradient or Contrast Filter.
The result may be white points and short lines on black background. Invert colors to get black lines on white background (it will save you toner on printer). Save the result, print it and add manually details by pencil for not-clear parts of this auto-drawing. Now you can use this pattern as base for your next painting.

Vitaly Eremenko.

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