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1) Brush Washing d10.5cm, h18cm
(Other TM)
Brush Washing diameter 10.5cm, height 18 cm, aluminium. Russia
140 g/ 136 g
SKU: ACB1011
$6.14 x  
2) Stikers with Cyrillic for PC Keyboard
(Other TM)
Transparent Stikers with Cyrillic alphabet for standard Keyboard of Computer. Russia
10 g/ 5 gr
$1.02 x  
3) Potal Silver-imit. 25s * 14cm*14cm  [DK25202]
(Other TM)
Silver Leaf book, imitation 25 sheets * 14*14cm (25s * 5.51x5.51 inch)
20 g/ 12 g
SKU: DK25202
$3.21 x  
4) Potal Gold-imit. 25s * 14*14cm  [DK25201]
(Other TM)
Gold Leaf book, imitation 25 sheets 14*14cm (25s * 5.51x5.51 inch)
20 g/ 12 g
$3.81 x  
5) Potal Copper 25s * 14cm*14cm  [DK25203]
(Other TM)
Copper Leaf book, 25 sheets * 14*14cm (25s * 5.51x5.51 inch)
20 g/ 12 g
SKU: DK25203
$3.81 x  
6) Set of modelling knives 4 pcs
(Other TM)
Plstic knives for application on plastilina, clay etc. For child above 3 years old. Lutch, Russia
30 g/ 23 gr
$0.76 x  
7) Modelling silicon brushes 5 pcs
(Other TM)
Set of silicon modelling brushes, 5 pcs
102 g/ 100 g
$11.06 x  

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